Course Creator Canvas

Marcio Santos

Get proven frameworks to create your niche, course, and offer.

These are the same frameworks used to help creators like:

  • Khe Hy scale from 5 to 6-figure launches without spending all his cash on ads.
  • Ted Seides from Capital Allocators sell over $100k on his first course launch

And you can use it too.

Get the Course Creator Canvas today. Here's what's included

  • Your Origin Problem - Get clear on the problem you solve and how that aligns with your origin story.
  • Your POV - Articulate how you see the world “differently” from other “experts” and why it matters for your customer, so you can avoid competing with other courses.
  • Customer Quadrant - Define the best customer for your course and how you will attract them.
  • Course Outline Builder - Get 100% clear on what you should teach, your process, and how to structure your course.
  • Top Outcome Finder - Position your course around a clear and measurable outcome that will capture your customer's attention.
  • 6F Messaging - Quickly design messaging for your course that is clear and persuasive.
  • Brand Your Ideas - Turn your ideas into branded solutions to quickly increase your authority.
  • Updates - Access future updates to the Course Creator Canvas.
  • Support - Get free support as you work through the Course Creator Canvas.
  • Interaction - Free access to connect with others using the Course Creator Canvas.
  • and more++

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12+ Notion Frameworks to design your niche, course and offer.


Course Creator Canvas

I want this!